Boys make interesting Blogs (not that we need them for an interesting blog)

Oh em Gee! okay so ONCE AGAIN... its me Bria........

SO! i actually have an exciting story to tell. I was on my way home from another popular day from school in the train station when i spot this boy who has the same eye glass frames as me. So obviously i got excited and went to get a closer look when it just so happened to be (drum roll please) DYMEZ 513 aka Donovan. He has a whole bunch of amazing youtube vids that are hilarious and he's cute lol. so ye. I did the retarded reaction i always do when i see a "celeb" and stayed quiet but kept looking. loll so ye...He rode the same train as me and being the punk i am i never spoke (:/ smh) to tell him how LG&&FF loves his vids and extra dumb stuff. He got off like 3 stops before me so for the rest of the ride I daydreamed about how absolutely amazing it would be to do a video collabo with =X tv and LG&&FF but was distracted by this OD* loud "rapper" who sounded terrible: and i quote "Yea. Homeboy is nice. He eat his food in the streets i call him home slice". (But who am I to judge?).. SO brand new video. WE THE JERKERS had to battle for our respect against the kids who get lite in our school. Check this out.

SO thats all. Thanks for reading.


106 Adventure.

Hey All!!!
Bria Here. so umm this is our first video in a bit since our MTV cribs episode. Its basically our attempt to go to 106 and park and become even more famous. (Because at the moment were like Q-List celebs.) So yea. Check it out.


an enemy?......waaaaht??...

Yess its true....


they're just starting out...give 'em some time to get used to blogging lol
they're danCers :)...that's a big plus


Cribs (BrokeEdition)

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